Don Piano (the cat) is 13 months old; Pullo is 5 months. Both are rescues and both are mysteries!

We rescued Don Piano when we lived in Queens, New York. He was in a hoarding situation and was taken away from that horrible home by the ASPCA. The poor little guy almost lost his left eye and had to have surgery when he was only 3 months old! We Don’t know what kind of cat he is, but have narrowed it down to three possibilities – educated and uneducated guesses from friends, family and vets: He’s either a Domestic Longhair, a Norwegian Forrest Cat or a Maine Coon. He was named after a line in a YouTube video:

Pullo came into our lives just 2 months ago when we moved to Philadelphia! He’s a sick little rescue (he was the runt of his litter in North Carolina) but we’re doing everything we can to get him to where he needs to be, medically, and he’s doing really well! His mother was a Husky; we don’t know what his dad was. The rescue agency said that he is a Husky/Lab mix – but I really don’t think so. Part of me thinks that he is Husky/Pit, part of me thinks he’s Husky/Plott Hound. He is named after Titus Pullo.


Handsome, no?


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